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Who Are We?


The United Truckers of America was created in order to establish a foundation in which all professional drivers can communicate.

This includes Company drivers, Owner Operators, and other trucking groups; such as Face Book. We are like a chain, connecting the links to create a stronger force as we gain power in numbers and a force which can not be denied by any regulatory committee or government authority.
As a member of the U.T.A. Your voice will carry like a trumpet and will be heard and shared by other members of our organization. you are represented by the entire force of O.T.R drivers, as you also represent 3.5 million O.T.R. drivers on the road today.

The U.T.A. Unites with other groups and organizations as well to bring more self reliance, and resources to our members as we continue to connect the dots with all who will join us on our mission to unite the trucking industry and open a channel of communication for all drivers to share in common in order to solve issues we face in the industry today, and establish a stronghold which can not be broken.

We invite you to join us and take your place as we stand together as a united force against over regulation, unfair laws, and discrimination. Together as we connect the links, we will establish a level of communication never seen before. We are creating our own driver resources such as Truckers Final Mile, who is there for drivers who pass away on the road and to the families as well. P.C.L.A. who is there as a resource for drivers families and special needs children. The United Truckers of America is bringing truckers their own self reliance, and bypassing the system which is designed more against us, than for us, and creating our own support system within our own infrastructure as we continue to work together and build relationships within our own driver community.

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Welcome to our Blog section

Got a suggestion for the UTA?  (POST IT!)

This is where we discuss issues and topics related to the trucking industry.
what kinds of changes would you like to see? Share your ideas! Introduce yourself, let us get to know you. Join the family we call the Brotherhood.
The U.T.A. will respond to your posts, and keep you informed of current events and changes in the industry.
This is where you voice your concerns, and where we can work together to solve issues, organize events, or even draw petitions.
If you are mistreated by a truck stop, a restaurant, a shipper, a receiver, a company, any place of business, or are discriminated against; POST IT! Let our community of United Truckers be aware of this place. The U.T.A. may contact these places and advise them that they have been reported and will remain on our list until necessary changes are made.