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United Truckers Of America.

Mission Statement:

>To affect a positive change in the transportation industry through the power of our numbers.

>To rebuild a united brotherhood of professional drivers and strengthen driver camaraderie.

>To improve public out look and relations with the professional driving community.

>To improve Customer service concerning vendors who cater to the trucking industry.

>To make an impact concerning cost efficiency of O.T.R living expenses.

>To improve DOT logs and regulations to more suitable standards.

>To create a single ground where the voice of our trucking communities can be heard.

>To fight for the rights and privileges of our fellow truckers and their family’s.

>To establish a single line of communication in the driver community where agreements can be made among all drivers.

>To support the drivers of America through a united stance against any discriminatory actions performed against them by businesses, Law enforcement, and general public.

There are 3.5 million trucks O.T.R not including the millions of regional and local trucks that fuel our economy every day. The world depends on trucks, yet the drivers are facing more discrimination and road blocks than ever before. The trucking industry is facing some great challenges today, and frankly the drivers have had enough.
The United Truckers of America is here to make a stand against over regulation and ridiculous mandates. Our issues are reaching a critical point and the industry is threatened to collapse into recession.
The E.L.D. mandate is creating a huge controversy in the industry and may be damaging to specific areas such as cattle hauling, dairy, and other commodities, as well as the independent owner operators and small companies. Today's drivers are being forced to give up many constitutional rights in order to continue in the industry and earn a living.
The right to privacy is aborted with inboard facing cameras and microphones which record in cab every time the truck hits a pot hole. This does not protect the driver in the event of an accident. There are no cameras required in all vehicles, therefore the other motorists have the exception tho it is proven that 80% of all truck related accidents are caused by the common motorists. The truck drivers are forced to work several hours a day performing routine tasks that are not included on their pay checks. It is extremely difficult to find, and afford a healthy diet at truck stops, and drivers health has declined dramatically in the last 10 yrs. Parking is a major issue with the numbers of trucks on the road today, and rest areas are being closed to prevent trucks. Little is being done on this issue.
H.O.S. and the 14 hr rule, and the required 30 min break are frankly ridiculous.
Receivers have the right to detain drivers for hours as their clock counts down, yet may demand the driver leave the property after unloading when out of hours, and no parking available for the next several miles. It costs $150.00 for an 18 wheeler to cross the George Washington Bridge in NY. Truckers are forced to pay excessive tolls, and often out of their own pockets until they receive reimbursement on the next pay period. This expense comes out of that drivers food budget. Drivers are often forced to pay for lumpers, which should be the administrative responsibility of the broker. There is no shortage of issues that must be addressed in the trucking industry.

Meet the Team

There are many members of our team who work in different areas of the U.T.A. Be sure to check us out on our FaceBook Link .




Jeff Holmes

Founder & CEO

3rd Gen Driver 22 yrs professional O.T.R.


Main office and staff

Our Staff Members

Our team of experts behind the scenes.



*Advertising/Public relations

*We have other divisions located in various places within the United States. They are drivers, as well as volunteers who are dedicated to our mission, and our team of excellence.



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    Simply joining gives us power in numbers. Yes YOU CAN make a difference!
    Just click that link and it will take you to our Facebook (PAGE) when you get there, you can learn more about our organization. If you want to be a part of it, just click the link provided on the page, or in any of the comment sections to join the (GROUP)
    Nay sayers, go somewhere else….

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