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When you are a member of the United Truckers of America, You are represented by every member of the U.T.A.

When you walk into a truck stop or restaurant, and you are wearing U.T.A. apparel, and are treated badly,  just let them know that this shirt, or this cap you are wearing represents 3.5 million drivers O.T.R and that with a single post in the U.T.A. you can make them famous.

It's really up to them if that's a good thing, or a bad thing.

Also, if your comments are seen in our Blog section about any certain place of business; That place might receive a phone call or letter from the U.T.A asking them to correct the issue in order to be removed from our bad ratings in the U.T.A which can and will have a dramatic affect on their business.

We truckers have had enough, and we will stand together to support each other.  Be sure to get a cap or shirt to show your support  for the United Truckers of America, and to the industry we love. Just click on our catalog link and choose from our colorful variety of Tanks, T's, sweatshirts, caps, even window stickers.  It's time to stand up, and stand together.


Are you a member of the United Truckers of America?

There are no membership fees to join the U.T.A but you must be a C.D.L holder, or be related to a professional driver in order to be accepted.  The U.T.A is not a Union, but is a licensed organization which functions very similar to a Union, without the union dues, or ridiculous fines for failure to observe union policies.  We are in fact a Co-op of drivers, and driver groups Uniting together for the greater cause in supporting our industry together.  Some members receive free gifts when they refer new members, or are recognized for their exceptional support in the U.T.A.

Be sure to join us today and stand up!  3.5 million drivers can not be ignored.



If you like what we are doing, you can download our FREE APP right here, or at Play Store!   You will love how simple it is and what it can do for you.  The U.T.A. App requires no special permissions like other apps.  All that's needed is a WIFI connection. There are no ads either, and it's completely FREE.   So, what does it do?  The U.T.A. app provides fast and convenient Hot Links to our WebSite, as well as our FaceBook, and also connects you directly to our many CHAT ROOMS.  Your gonna Love this!  Come on and TRY IT!

(Just Click the Logo)

Come join our Chat Room!

Official UTA cap


Don't take any crap. Get the cap!

Show that you are a represented by the U.T.A


Just click and scroll down to see all of our apparels. Wear it proudly and don't any take sh#t from no one!

Let them know you are a member of the U.T.A.



window sticker

U.T.A. Window Sticker

Stick it to-em!  Let them know you are not alone.

This sticker lets them know you are not alone.  Anything you post will be seen by every member. Your voice is heard! Don't put up with being mistreated, discriminated, or rail roaded by business, D.O.T or Law officials.

we are practically giving these away to insure every driver can represent, and be represented in the U.T.A

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Just click the link below to visit our extensive product catalog.

There are also other Trucking groups there as well with apparels of their own you might enjoy.  Simply Click and Scroll straight down to view ours in the U.T.A




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