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The Dragon Box is perfect for truckers. This tiny little box brings you all the entertainment you need all in one.  Internet access, FaceBook direct, as well as H.B.O. Cinemax, Show Time, A&E, Animal Planet, sports, news, (All Cable channels) Yes even the naughty ones.

local T.V. Movies, New release, Even PPV, and the best part? is that its all FREE!  Never pay to watch the fight, Stop spending hundreds on DVDs. Save that space in your truck for more important things.

Buy a Dragon Box. One price, no monthly payments, no contracts, own it for life.  Works on WiFi.   Connects quickly to your T.V.

Who says you can't have Cable T.V. in your truck?

Yes you can and MORE.

Still got questions?  Call us: 1-800-524-9005

or ask about it on FaceBook.


One20 is always on your side. This GPS device ROCKS!  The One20 GPS is about $100.00 less that RandMcNally, and doubles as a notepad. This unit comes with a magnetic mounting bracket and is razor thin.  huge screen and completely customizable.  This device is two in one. The G.P.S. works via satellite, and is highly reliable.  The notepad has a high range WiFi locator and is quickly able to access the internet.  It's kinda cool watching NetFlix right on your dash on an 8" screen.

Old School or not, this is the Best, and most reliable Truckers G.P.S. you can get. It was designed by truckers FOR truckers. No more locked keys when entering addresses. It always finds the target, and has more user friendly controls and options.


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