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The U.T.A has two main offices; One in Caldwell, ID. And one in Melba, ID. Our support staff works hard to investigate current events in the trucking industry and separate truth from fiction. Facebook is famous for posting fake news, but we take action to mitigate this problem and keep our members educated on facts. Our staff is responsible for writing letters to members of congress concerning laws in each state, as well as local representatives. We work hard to ensure that the issues concerning professional drivers are  acknowledged. From HOS to parking, fuel costs, and truck stop food and services. Our members communicate to each other by using our platforms such as the Main Website, as well as our Facebook Group. This ability gives us the power to organize and get United. As we continue to grow in numbers, we are able to accomplish greater tasks that benefit our driver communities. The U.T.A is a free Union and is self funded through our affordable merchant websites such as Warehousemaxx, and Beldewls Fine Clothing as seen above. Whenever purchases are made on these sites the proceeds go to fund our mission statement in the U.T.A as well as our charities. 

The U.T.A is also a proud sponsor of www.truckersfinalmile.org

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