Mission Statement

 United Truckers Of America.  Mission Statement:

>To affect a positive change in the transportation industry through the power of our numbers.  

>To rebuild a united brotherhood of professional drivers and strengthen driver comradery. 

 >To improve public out look and relations with the professional driving community.  

>To improve Customer service concerning vendors who cater to the trucking industry.  

>To make an impact concerning cost efficiency of OTR living expenses.  

>To improve DOT logs and regulations to more suitable standards.  

>To create a single ground where the voice of our trucking communities can be heard.  

>To fight for the rights and privileges of our fellow truckers and their family’s.  

>To establish a single line of communication in the driver community where agreements can be  made amongst all drivers.   

>To support the drivers of America through a united stance against any discriminatory actions    performed against them by businesses, Law enforcement, and general public.   President: United Truckers Of America LLC.  Jeff Holmes.